Some words about nutrition

Fresh-Vegetables“I don’t happen to think magazines should be full of thin people. What I do say is that we can all work a little harder with what we have. It is possible to achieve a better body shape and heart rate with nutrition and exercise.”   -Linda Evangelista

Nutrition is the main entrance path for energy in the body.   Mindful and relaxed eating habits will contribute to greater well being at many points throughout the day and down the road.  What we eat provides all of what our bodies can use to do what they do.  Also, if the body has no current need for something we eat, our bodies store anything we might be able to use in the future, but it will probably never come out the same way it went in – when it comes to food, it almost always goes in EASY – AND THEN, IT GETS COMPLEX.  VERY COMPLEX.  And we can no longer control anything that happens to anything after we’ve done ANYTHING.

Without getting off the topic and criticizing ourselves (criticism is often about false ego sense, and yoga is not), let’s take a look at the basics of nutrition.

When we think about eating and exercising, we might be tempted to look for advice about what to eat and what not to eat, what products to buy, and what rules to follow and fad diet prescriptions will make us lose weight – AND IT NEVER WORKS.  Why?  What works for us?  The answer is simple:  simplicity.

Let’s simplify our awareness of what we eat and why.  Get rid of all of that useless fad dieting advice and all of those impossible-to-follow rules.  That stuff is stressful, and it becomes the source of our problems, when we try to follow something outside of ourselves, trying to be something we are not.  Simplify life, eating, and nutrition, and our lives, eating, and nutrition will reflect that simplicity.  We will think simply, we will make simple and mindful choices, and we will manifest simple results.

To begin simply, please take a look at my blog article, The ABCs of Nutrition.

Thank you for reading, and ~Namaste~

-Thomas Masanz, Certified Yoga Instructor

About the Author:  Thomas Masanz has completed Undergraduate studies in Nutrition Science, Health Psychology, and Holistic Health and Healing at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Thomas is also certified as a Yoga Instructor by Saint Paul College, in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  For information about booking private yoga instruction, mindfulness practice, or sessions in mindful nutrition, please call Thomas at 651-323-8866, e-mail at tmasanz(at), or see the WOW Yoga Website at

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