Welcome to the WOW Yoga Blog!

This is where you’ll find a collection of articles and anecdotes, containing an essence of yogic philosophy.

You may use the materials found in this blog to complement your own understanding of yogic philosophy, and to help yourself develop a greater sense of your own relationship with your higher self and with your surroundings.  You will find that your inner knowing will provide you with all of the guidance you need on your life journey, and these materials cannot substitute for that, though you will likely find, as I have, that the wisdom shared by the teachers who have come before us will encourage us to focus on the things that matter most for our spiritual development and for expanding our conscious awareness to experience a more fulfilling and holistic lifestyle.

I started this blog to have a place to share that wisdom, and to offer a jumping-off point for ideas of where to place our intentions for yoga and mindfulness practice.  Please do take a moment to read it at your own pace, wherever you are at in your life’s journey, and with all of the self-respect you may offer yourself at any given moment.

Be well, and thank you for allowing me to share the gift of yoga and mindfulness with you!

What is honor in me, honors you.   ~Namaste~

-Thomas Masanz, Certified Yoga Instructor


Disclaimer – please note: the information and opinions found on this site are not meant to substitute for a doctor’s advice, and are not intended to treat or replace medical treatment of injuries or illness. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program, and weigh the information with your best judgment before trying any techniques found in yoga literature or discussions, and use them at your own discretion. Yoga is generally very health-promoting and beneficial for well-being, but can carry risk of minor or even severe injury, if a person is not well-prepared for the specific techniques they choose.

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